A flair for fun, for making people happy, for spreading peace and love... This Grannie's got flair by the bucketfuls! Meet Lorraine Stacy: born and raised on Long Island in New York, Lorraine retired to The Villages in Florida where she continues to bring joy to everyone she meets while enjoying her retirement. Most of Lorraine's family still lives on Long Island and last year, the family welcomed the addition of Lorraine's first great-granddaughter! Not surprisingly, Lorraine spends her time between Long Island and Florida.


Lorraine's passions include her family, teaching and learning which lead her to create a fun-filled adventure series featuring Manda Panda. The Manda Panda books are written with fun and memorable themes designed to teach small children and early readers life's simple lessons such as sharing, kindness and being considerate.


The 3rd book in the Manda Panda series is titled "Manda Panda Goes to Tea" and incorporates the lesson of timeliness; this book also introduces Lorraine's great-granddaughter, Aoife Aura, to the series. Aoife Aura (pronounced EE-fa Aura) is a lively sprite who loves cookies just like her mother, Apple Allie.


After retiring from a successful insurance career and raising her family, Lorraine retired to The Villages where she continues to pursue her passion of teaching (volunteering at local elementary schools in ESL programs) and by telling stories either by creating new ones starring her grandchildren as characters or retelling age-old old folk tales (that instill decent character traits and good values through the generations).


According to Lorraine: At this season in my life, nothing brings me more pleasure than spending time with my grandchildren and my new great-grandchild. I'm a teacher at heart and I know how important it is to instill good values in our children very early in their lives. I love seeing the excitement in a child's eyes when that instinctual quest for knowledge clicks on while they're reading a fun new story!


Manda Panda Goes to Tea is a 20 page full-color easy reader for children four to seven years old and is published by True Perspective Publishing House.